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Yamayu Santatsu Antwerp

Japanese Sushi Restaurant, since 1988

Want to get to know us a bit better? With these stories we’ll get you started.
But of course nothing can beat the real life experience, so we hope to see you soon at Santatsu.


About the chef

Mr Kurasawa founded Yamayu Santatsu Antwerp in 1988. For more than 20 years already he serves his clients top quality Japanese food in an authentic environment. As a young man, a few months after graduating from culinary school and working in restaurants, he left Japan to come to and explore Europe. He worked in the best Japanese restaurants in different European capitals. Customers followed him when he founded Santatsu in Antwerp’s university district. And now their children have become regular guests as well – different generations find each other at Santatsu!

How to eat sushi

Connoisseurs don’t use chopsticks to pick up a nigiri, but take it with their hands. The rice is not packed firmly – a good nigiri should fall apart in the mouth – and chopsticks might break it.


In Japanese cuisine we have many different dishes. Some of them you probably know very well. Sashimi and different types of sushi.

Explore sake

Find out about sake and shochu, the two main types of Japanese alcoholic beverages. Kampai!

Discover more about our Japanese culture here soon